5 Ways to Have Fun At Work and Still Remain Productive

5 Ways to Have Fun At Work and Still Remain Productive

Now, I know that some of us have the idea that fun interferes with work. Indeed in some workplaces, the bosses adopt a kind of attitude towards fun that stifles many things. While doing so they also unknowingly stifle happiness and productivity in the workplace. But there are also organizations where leaders have a positive attitude towards fun. This positive attitude creates an interesting work environment that greatly improves productivity.

Fun in a workplace, if well-managed, has quite some benefits. But what is your position? How can you reconcile the two? Are there ways in which you can have fun and remain productive?

Let’s consider five approaches that can help blend workplace fun and productivity.

  • Take a break

ghdgd64You can have episodes of fun during the periods where your work attention is reduced. Most people can only concentrate for one to two hours after which they need a break. You can work in bursts to improve your productivity and yet have intervals of fun. You should make the best use of your high-energy periods to ensure high productivity. This enables you to have breaks for fun, rest, etc. without negatively affecting your productivity.

  • Funny and interesting emails

You can also infuse fun into work, and this creates enjoyment while you remain productive. Why not bring fun into your meetings, discussions, seminars, training sessions, communications, etc.? Haven’t you seen some entities practice this? When bosses take the lead towards a fun-filled workplace, the subordinates follow suit.

Communication channels such as emails can be full of funny quotes, stories, and other very interesting lines. Your officers will, of course, open their mails at different times and enjoy themselves accordingly. You just have to be wise not to overdo it.

  • Mini celebrations

Endeavor to create fun by having mini celebrations at the workplace. Such occasions can be properly timed and filled with fun. You can, for example, have lots of fun while celebrating achievements of various categories. Why not try this out? Can’t you have great fun while recognizing your best sales representative for the year? What about recognizing the funniest individual or the most tough-faced individual in the company?

  • Sustainable pace

Set for yourself a sustainable pace and you can be productive while having fun. Fun can also mean a relaxed, pleasurable and joyful environment. You don’t need to move at breakneck speed for you to be productive. Speed and productivity are two different things though they are somehow related. You can work smart and achieve high productivity while having fun.

  • Freshen up

gdgd64Other forms of re-energizing yourself such as walking around can also ensure that you remain relaxed while being productive. Don’t forget that keeping yourself fresh through having an adequate sleep is good for your productivity. I’m not advocating for sleeping in the workplace, though. I guess we all know the appropriate places and hours to sleep. Don’t we?

As I conclude, let me state that fun starts in mind. You need a right attitude towards fun and work, for you to reconcile the two. You can have fun and yet achieve high productivity. Fun is good for any working environment as long as it is controlled and properly managed. You could have heard about Sir Richard Branson’s approach to fun in the workplace. Does it surprise you that many of his businesses have high productivity and also profitability? You could also consider similar approaches to your organization.