Watching Movies And Videos – Burning WMV To DVD

Watching Movies And Videos – Burning WMV To DVD

Just like MP4 and AVI, WMV is yet another very popular video format used by millions of Windows PC users all around the world. And even though making a full movie or a self-made video clip with Windows Media Maker is fairly simple and easy, burning that WMV format onto a DVD is rather tricky.

If you are looking for a simple and completely free method to do exactly that, keep reading this article, as we will cover the method in greater detail. With this method, watching movies and videos, and burning WMV to DVD will be nothing but a matter of few clicks.


dhghgdd64So, what is WMV actually? It is a compressed video format, which is used for a number of proprietary video codecs. The primary video format, known as WMV, is mainly designed for streaming Internet applications. There are also other formats as well, such as WMV Image or WMV Screen, which are designed for different purposes. Now, one of the main characteristics of WMV is that it can be only played via the Windows Media Player.

However, even though millions use WMV, all across the globe, the majority of Windows Media Player videos are protected by various DRM (Digital Rights Management) measures. These measures are exactly what causes major issues when trying to burn WMV files to DVD. Fortunately, if you want to copy your favorite WMV video or movie and burn it to a DVD, there are ways to do that.

Third party software

For starters, you will have to download and install third-party software, such as Winx DVD Author. A program such as this will allow you to easily convert any WMV files to DVD. Once you have finished converting the files, you will have no problems watching them on your favorite DVD device. You will also have the option of making your own video slideshow if you have a number of separate video clips.

Check the software

Before you install any software, make sure it comes from an official website and that it features a user-friendly interface. That way, you will have a much easier time converting your files and playing them later. Additionally, you should also see whether it can convert other formats as well, including MOV, MP4, MPEG, DAT, AVI, and others. With a program like that, you will not need any other for your format converting needs.

Using the program

hshdd64Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you can start using it. To do that, start by adding your WMV files. Select the Load Video option, in order to find the location of the files you want to convert. Depending on the software you use, you can add these files in the form of a collection, which will allow you to easily locate and check the files the next time you want to burn them. After adding the files, all you have to do is add a title, choose the size of your DVD, choose the target format (PAL or NTSC), and select the “Burn Project To Disc” option.

In addition to these basic options, some programs also have extra options, which allow the users to create and add special effects to their videos before burning them. With them, you can create fun, creative, and personalized videos, such as family videos and so on.